Updated: A Playlist of Songs That Mention West Virginia

john denver west virginia

If a song mentions “West Virginia,” it will most likely catch my ear. So I’ve put together this list of six songs that aren’t about West Virginia (i.e. “Green Rolling Hills,” “Bottom of the Mountain” and definitely not “Country Roads” because John Denver was full of shit, man), but do mention the state by name. 

The original post include only six songs, but here’s a more complete playlist.

5 Great Shows I Attended (That Are On YouTube)


The first show / concert I ever saw was friends’ band in a backyard in Bridgeport, West Virginia some time around 1994. It was the start of many years of being very involved in live music in many ways. I’ve been to a lot of shows over the past couple decades, but only a few of them were documented. I’ve managed, though, to find at least five shows I attended and enjoyed that I’ve found video of on YouTube. Photograph of Fugazi (Pittsburgh, 2001) by me.

Hot Water Music, Indecision, AFI, Sick of It All (Louisville, Kentucky; 2000)


!!! (Wayne, Michigan; 2002)


Fugazi (Huntington, West Virginia; 2002)


Eddy Current Suppression Ring (Austin, Texas; 2010)


Sturgill Simpson (Bakersfield, California; 2015)

5 Good Albums from 2015

royal headache high

I don’t listen to much new music nowadays — due mostly to being lazy and cheap. This year I have been especially out of touch with discovering new artists or checking out recent releases. But between listening to Cheap Trick, The Lemonheads and Garnet Mimms records this year, I managed to listen to these five great albums from 2015.

Royal Headache – High


Steel Nation – Harder They Fall


Charlie Parr – Stumpjumper


Pope – Fiction


G.L.O.S.S. – Demo

5 ‘Alt’ Country Albums I Love

uncle tupelo alt country

Having been raised listening to the likes of George Jones, Conway Twitty and Elvis, I love country music.  Add in some rock and roll overtones and I love it even more. When I first heard Uncle Tupelo (above) in my late teens, it was like hearing Fugazi the first time — my tastes changed. Nearly 20 years later, a lot of bands and styles of music I’ve enjoyed have come and gone, but my appreciation of alt country (for lack of better term) has only grown stronger as I’ve grown older. So here are five alt country (again… for lack of better term) albums I love and listen to way too often. Continue reading “5 ‘Alt’ Country Albums I Love”

Packway Handle Band

packway handle band san bernadino kid rock mike andrick

This past Saturday, I photographed the Packway Handle Band, who is currently on tour with Kid Rock and Foreigner. It had been a long while since I had photographed live music, but I was doing a kindness for my friend Dan, who is managing the Athens, Georgia-based bluegrass band. So with Dan I headed deep into the Inland Empire to dust off my camera. The most enjoyable party was shooting the band busking around the concession area of the venue for some Kid Rock-merchandise-clad fans and a group of local pre-teen girls who danced around the band for a solid 10 minutes. I did not stick around for the Bawtidaba, though.

packway handle band san bernadino kid rock mike andrick

packway handle band san bernadino kid rock mike andrick

packway handle band san bernadino kid rock mike andrick

packway handle band san bernadino kid rock mike andrick

packway handle band san bernadino kid rock mike andrick

packway handle band san bernadino kid rock mike andrick

5 Songs That Remind Me of My Father

five songs that remind me of my father

Because my father is about the only person who checks this blog, and because Father’s Day passed recently, I’ve created this list of five songs that remind me of him:

“Feed Jake” – Pirates of the Mississippi

The video for this song came on CMT every morning around the same time, and my dad and I would sit on the edge of my parents’ bed and watch it every time. I think I learned a lot from that song. Years later, I have two dogs and I think my dad was probably a little disappointed neither is named Jake.

Continue reading “5 Songs That Remind Me of My Father”

10 Favorite Emo Albums

get up kids four minute mile

Since I have not been posting any new photographs, and because I was inspired by a recent text conversation with my friend Jason, I am going to post something a little different on here. I enjoy making lists, so — without explaining when, how and why I got into emo music and how much I still love it — here’s my 10 Favorite Emo Albums.

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B. Rude (2008)

b rude charleston

In 2008 I did a portrait session with my friends Meuwl and B. Rude of the Charleston, West Virginia-based hip-hop duo Rabble Rousers. Having recently posted a photo of Rabble Rousers, I had come across this image of the B-Rude. It had made me laugh, so I thought I’d share it. Now check out B. Rude’s current music project Dinosaur Burps and stream his new album below.

American Minor (2002)

american minor stoned monkey huntington 2002

When American Minor began playing shows around Huntington in 2002, it was perfect timing for me. I was listening to a lot of Uncle Tupelo and Whiskeytown at the time, and American Minor fit right in with a similar alt-country sound. So I loved the band immediately. Eventually they changed up their style to be more southern rock, were signed to a major label, put out a quality LP, and toured the country enjoying some short-lived (but deserved) national success. More than 10 years later, though, I still listen to their first demo. Here are some image I shot at a show at The Stoned Monkey in Huntington, and below is that demo. Have a listen.


american minor stoned monkey huntington 2002

american minor stoned monkey huntington 2002