Holden Caulfield (2007)

holden caulfield huntington dana white

Taken nearly seven years ago to the day, this image is of the hardcore band Holden Caulfield playing at the YWCA in Huntington, West Virginia. The show was the band’s guitar player’s last performance, so it was a bit of a celebration. (Below is a video, in which I can be spotted taking photos.) Looking through the contact sheet, I see there was silly string, confetti, a blond wig, and a lot of goofy facial expressions. It was a fun show to shoot.

holden caulfield huntington bobby jared

American Minor (2002)

american minor stoned monkey huntington 2002

When American Minor began playing shows around Huntington in 2002, it was perfect timing for me. I was listening to a lot of Uncle Tupelo and Whiskeytown at the time, and American Minor fit right in with a similar alt-country sound. So I loved the band immediately. Eventually they changed up their style to be more southern rock, were signed to a major label, put out a quality LP, and toured the country enjoying some short-lived (but deserved) national success. More than 10 years later, though, I still listen to their first demo. Here are some image I shot at a show at The Stoned Monkey in Huntington, and below is that demo. Have a listen.


american minor stoned monkey huntington 2002

american minor stoned monkey huntington 2002

Down Goes Frazier (2008)

down goes frazier nick

On this blog, I will continue to use Mondays to post images related to music. As many of the musicians I have photographed are friends from West Virginia, I also have their music to share. Here’s a shot of my friends’ band Down Goes Frazier, who were based in Huntington in the mid-00s. If you’re a fan of the likes of Hot Water Music, Against Me or Planes Mistaken for Stars, have a listen (or download for free) their first two EPs below. Nowadays, members of DGF who aren’t a college professor are playing in the bands Rat Ship and Station(s).


down goes frazier ryan