Editorial Portraits

Dance with the One (2010)

Dance with the One is a film produced by the University of Texas Film Institute, directed by Michael Dolan (Biloxi Blues, Necessary Roughness) and starring Gabriel Luna (Bernie).

dance with the one

dance with the one

gabriel luna

Femme et vélo (2011)

Outtakes from Femme et vélo shoots.

femme et velo lauren austin

femme et velo cecilia

Tim B. (2011)

Iraq war veteran, firefighter and musician living in Austin, Texas.

tim b

Wes J. (2009)

Yoga practitioner and lawyer living in Charleston, West Virginia.

wes yoga charleston

wes yoga charleston

Cowboy (2005)

Broken Spoke in Austin, Texas.

broken spoke cowboy

Brian (2007)

Photographer and artist.

brian hollingsworth

Jon Bolden (2006)

Actor, improviser, photographer and musician.

jon bolden