Night Out Against Violence (2004)

charleston night out against violence

On Wednesday I referenced the Instagram hashtag theme of “Woman Crush Wednesday.” So today I go with the “Throwback Thursday” theme. I’m embarrassed to admit that I did a terrible job archiving my image files before 2006. Most were saved as small JPEGs on discs. This photograph — along with the image I posted last week — is one of the very few that remain from my stint in Charleston in 2004. The photo was from an assignment I did on the city’s Night Out Against Violence, which took place in a downtown housing project. When I saw this boy watching from the other side of a fence, I found it unfortunately ironic that he was holding a plastic gun and also blowing a party horn. That summer I had reported on half a dozen murders in the city, so that moment has always stuck with me.

Rabble Rousers (2008)

mike andrick rabble rousers

This photograph is from a session I did with hip-hop duo Rabble Rousers (aka B-Rude and Meuwl) in October 2008. Samuel “Meuwl” Harshbarger (right) was one of my favorite people to photograph. He was smart, funny, charismatic, immensely talented and it was easy to make good images with him. I worked with Sam a number of times between 2006 and his untimely death in 2009. This is hardly one of my favorite images of either of these gentleman, but I share it because I eventually used it as the cover image of the Rabble Rouser’s 2009 record “Tastes Like Crazy,” which you can stream or download for free below. For more images from this shoot, check out the music portraits section, where there will be even more Meuwl and B-Rude photos to come.