Climate Ride: Day 4, Tomales Bay

climate ride tomales bay

After riding a century on the third day of the Climate Ride, I took it pretty slow on the fourth day — visiting a winery, eating ice cream and stopping for a beer at a waterfront oyster bar. One thing I didn’t do during the day was take many photos. This image of Tomales Bay from the deck at Marshall Store was one of the only ones. I was very intrigued by the bay, which was hauntingly beautiful, and I really enjoyed riding along it.

Climate Ride: Day 3, 104 miles

climate ride ezra laemmle

I’m not embarrassed to admit I was pretty nervous the night before the third day of the Climate Ride — our 104-mile “century” day. When I was 20 years old and riding six days a week, it would have been no problem. But now in my mid-30s, and having avoided riding my bike for the last couple years, I wasn’t confident two months of training was enough.

Turns out I had nothing to fear, and the day went great — especially after we completed the first big climb, which had a pair of steep hairpin turns and a lot of car traffic. So I don’t blame Ezra (speaking of being in your early 20s) for celebrating when we got to the top — despite still having 70 miles to go.

Climate Ride: Day 2, Shoreline Highway

climate ride shoreline highway

On the second day of the Climate Ride, we grinded out two long ascents — including 1,400 feet over the famous Leggett Hill. The climbs paid off when we descended to the coastline, which is breathtaking in Northern California. This photograph I took with my phone obviously does not do the scenery justice, but I spent more of my time riding and admiring the view than I did stopping to take photos. It was three beautiful days of foggy, rocky views such as this but even better, and I can’t wait to return to enjoy it again.

Climate Ride: Day 1, Avenue of the Giants

climate ride avenue of the giants

Better late than never to share photographs from my Climate Ride. So here’s an of fellow Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition teammates Erik and Nora as we passed rode along the Avenue of the Giants through Humboldt Redwoods State Park. The route on Day 1 was about 62 miles through the 100-foot-tall redwoods, past old logging towns and finished in Bigfoot territory. I took this image — and every image from the ride — with my phone while on my bike. (I was careful and there were no cars, Dad.)