Tillie & Josie


It takes something special for me to dust off my SLR nowadays. My dogs — Tillie (left) and Josie — are usually the inspiration. Over the course of ten minutes of a recent evening while drinking wine in the front yard, the girls chased a tennis ball one other before wearing themselves out. So I took a few frames of their fun.

For more photos of Tillie and Josie, follow @tilliebean on Instagram.





2 thoughts on “Tillie & Josie

  1. They do make great playmates, but neither one looks like you. Maybe you better chase that tennis ball too. That will get you back in shape. Great shots. ________________________________

  2. This post popped up in my Linkedin feed…the one time I’ve checked it in the last 6 months. Please take more pictures of the girls and post them here. Please post more period.

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