Bourbon Street (2010)

dolphins fan with two young ladies in short dresses on each arm on bourbon street

I love New Orleans, but I don’t love Bourbon Street. On a visit to the city in 2010, my friend Gino and I had to walk from the W Hotel to Frenchmen, so we chose Bourbon as our path. With a point-and-shoot in hand, I snapped some photos of folks passing by on the urine-and-vomit-soaked street. (Note: I took these photos with a broken, cheap camera then edited them in my phone. Hope that explains the lousy, grainy quality.)

door guy at strip club on bourbon street

dressed up old couple holding hands on bourbon street

guy passed out face first in front of hot dog stand on bourbon street

One thought on “Bourbon Street (2010)

  1. The guy in that last picture had too much Coca Cola. Of course I’ve felt like that a time or two. ________________________________

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