Blowfly (2005)

blowfly red eyed fly austin

Last night I saw the James Brown biopic “Get On Up.” I’m a big fan of Mr. Brown and his music. If I could see any musician at any point in history, he’d be in my top three. Much of my appreciation of the Godfather of Soul has to be credited to my graduate school friend Thomas, who is quite the connoisseur of Mr. Brown and as well as all things soulful and funky. So when I saw “Get On Up” last night, I naturally thought of Thomas, who also took me to the show pictured above. The image is of Blowfly — the sex-based parody funk rap persona of Clarence Reid, who like Mr. Brown is from Georgia. Though Blowfly is no Soul Brother No. 1, it was still quite an entertaining performance. Thanks, Thomas.

One thought on “Blowfly (2005)

  1. Your mom and I were going to go see that yesterday, but we both got busy and decided to go next week end. Did you enjoy the movie? ________________________________

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