30 Day Movie Challenge


For the past month, I’ve followed a coupe friends’ lead by taking part in the 30 Day Movie Challenge. This involved responding each day to 30 categories about movie favorites. Now that the “challenge” is over, here’s a collection of my responses — many of which I’ve reconsidered, but I’ll leave it.


Favorite Movie: Breaking Away

Last Movie I Watched: Mad Dog with Soul

Favorite Action-Adventure Movie: Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Favorite Horror Movie: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)


Favorite Drama Movie: Before Sunrise trilogy

Favorite Comedy: Dazed and Confused

A Movie That Makes Me Happy: Slap Shot


A Movie That Makes Me Sad: A River Runs Through It

A Movie I Practically Know the Entire Script: The ‘Burbs

Favorite Director: David Cronenberg

Favorite Movie From My Childhood: Commando

Favorite Animated Movie: Mickey and the Beanstalk

Movie I Used to Love But Now I Hate: Chasing Amy


Favorite Movie Quote: “My team’s on the floor.” – Hoosiers

First Movie I Saw in Theaters: The Goonies

Last Movie I Saw in Theaters: You’re Killing Me Susana

Best Movie I Saw I’ve Seen in the Last Year: 13th

Movie That Disappointed Me the Most: We Are Marshall

My Favorite (Active) Actor: Michael Shannon

My Favorite (Active) Actress: Robin Wright

Most Overrated Movie: Comic book movies


Most Underrated Movie: Rumble Fish

Favorite Movie Character: Rumsfield (The ‘Burbs)

Favorite Documentary: Harlan County, USA

Movie No One Would Expect Me To Love: The Way We Were

“Guilty” Pleasure Movie: Airborne

Favorite Classic Movie: The Rules of the Game


Favorite Movie Soundtrack: Purple Rain

Movie That Changed My Mind About Something: Matewan

Least Favorite Movie: Scarface

Movie I Love That Cannot Be Categorized on This List: Repo Man


2 thoughts on “30 Day Movie Challenge

  1. I was happy to see that Hoosiers made you list or I would have been disappointed. And I agree,

    I love “A River Runs Through It”, but it is a downer. I remember you did like “The Burbs” and

    “The Goonies”, but I see “Breaking Away” topped the list. I see you managed to get a Paul Newman

    movie in there to keep your mom happy. That was interesting and allowed me to see another

    side of my son and see his inner interests and things he liked and disliked. Thanks for sharing that.


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