9 Punk Songs vs. America


It’s Election Day, so what better time to share a few songs from punk bands taking on the American establishment?

7 Seconds – Fuck Your Amerika

Adolescents – Democracy

Black Flag – American Waste

Dayglo Abortions – Wake Up America

Dead Kennedys – Stars and Strips of Corruption

Nation of Ulysses – Target U.S.A.

Poison Idea – Ugly American

Reagan Youth – USA

Scream – U Suck A

Honorable Mention: Bad Brains – Attitude

This is not a song about politics, democracy or America specifically, but after this election year, we need to be reminded to keep that P.M.A. (And I needed a reason to use the Glen E. Friedman photo at the top, because it’s one of my favorites.)

One thought on “9 Punk Songs vs. America

  1. As much as I love you, I think I’ll pass on the punk songs. Couldn’t you use any of

    Elvis’s songs like, ” It’s Now or Never ” or Keith Whitley’s ” Maybe I’ve Been A Fool “.

    Love you


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